Dab Stick

Welcome to the Future of Pen Vaporization! The future is here! What is a Portable Vaporizer pen? It is a Handheld device allowing users to inhale the therapeutic vapor from oils without the drawbacks of smoking. The dab tank does not have the wick system just a ceramic nail to put your dab on, And a smart chip for auto shutoff. it is powered by Rechargeable Battery. Gets ready in Seconds so be ready for the fattest rips.

dab stick is a unique portable vaporizer. This handy portable pen sized discreet vape brings the best that smoking can offer, first class power, efficiency and style. the dab stick produces clean and pure vapor without the burning smell, most vaporizer pens leave behind. Take advantage of the Huge Vapor that produces little to no tar or carcinogenic substances. Harmless to others and the environment. Smoke safely and discreetly DAB Anywhere!


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